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1 Nov - 29 Oct


Lumina Select Virtual Qualification: November

The Lumina Select blended learning qualification is comprised of a series of online self-guided learning modules brought to life with various activities (videos, exercises, quizzes etc.), combined with 2 facilitated ‘virtual classrooms’. The virtual classrooms are highly interactive and activity led. The blended learning qualification is open to both qualified/unqualified Spark practitioners. Select Blended Learning qualification - November dates - Online course content part 1, 1st-13th November. - Virtual Classroom 1, 2.5 hr (attendance required) 14th PM (16:00-18:30 UK time) or 15th AM (8:00-10:30 UK time) November. - Online course content part 1, 16th-28th November. - Virtual Classroom 2, 2.5 hr (attendance required) 28th PM (16:00-18:30 UK time) or 29th AM (8:00-10:30 UK time) November. Course Outline: Online Course Part 1 - Get to know the Lumina Select model - Get to know the Lumina Spark 24 qualities (optional) - Get practising - Workbook exercises - Theory and validity Virtual Classroom 1 - Job profiling with Lumina Select Online Course Part 2 - Creating summary reports - Using the Select interview guide - Keeping it legal Virtual Classroom 2 - Candidate interview vs. feedback dialogue - Using Lumina Select in the wider recruitment process - Indicator of Readiness

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